Rubber Thread Fashionable Hairstyles

Hair threading is a traditional African hairstyling method popular in countries like Nigeria. Threaded hair is usually done using black thread, but there are plenty of colored thread options out there to create unique looks. Hair is threaded by wrapping the thread around hair from root to end.

Some people feel that the best hairstyles with rubber thread are a bit outdated, but the trend is still fashionable among young black women and men looking to embrace their heritage. Explore your roots and history by learning more about threaded hair and the different hairstyles that use rubber threads.

Threading was once associated primarily with young children and people trying to grow out their hair. These days people of all ages and backgrounds enjoy the best hairstyles with rubber thread. These styles can add some class to the wearer. Get more out of a thread hairstyle by using colored threads and adding ringlets to make it really stand out.

Threaded hair has become known for being a safe way to stretch and straighten hair and is used to help detangle hair.

Threaded hairstyles make it easy for you to stand out. These styles also make it easy to express individuality and style. People began threading hair back in ancient times and are still popular among young people in particular, although everyone threads their hair at some point.

There is an important reason to thread hair like this. These hairstyles come in all different forms and shapes, including Shuku hairstyles. Threaded hair is better protected against the elements, so many young women use them to keep their hair healthy and looking good.

Check out some of the best hairstyles with rubber thread, along with instructions on how to make the look yourself;


Image credit via Instagram @nigerianhairstyles

How to create a threaded hairstyle at home:

  1. Gather the necessary materials, such as rubber thread. Black Chinese thread is your best option, but any thread will do
  2. Whether you start at the top or bottom is up to you. Divide your hair up into several parts to make the process easier.
  3. Comb through some strands of hair
  4. Take a piece of thread and weave it around the combed hair from top to bottom
  5. Secure the ends of the threads
  6. Repeat the process for the rest of your hair