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eScan fights the threat of viruses, sets security policies for parental control over content accessed by your child. It guards against Internet misuse, block Spam and offensive mails and block PopUp Ads and much more.

MailScan 4 - Unsurpassed protection for your Mail Servers using the revolutionary MicroWorld WinSock Layer.

ProxyGate is a full-featured, multi-threaded SMTP/POP3 proxy and Port redirector for Windows based machines. Taking very little memory & extremely fast, ProxyGate allows you to separate out your Mail Server from direct path of the Internet, in order to avoid any kinds of hacks

X-Spam (Beta) for Exchange 2000-2003 (X-Spam) is highly adaptive Anti-Spam Software that protects Microsoft Exchange 2000-2003 servers from Spam. X-Spam uses advanced regular expressions and meta tests to positively identify Spam and block it.

eTraq (Beta) is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution that helps you track all the emails exchanged between your organization and your customers and run focused e-marketing campaigns. The emphasis is on optimizing opportunities by building lasting relationships.

eMailGate - Corporate Communications and Data Consolidation product for the entire Network. (Revised version to be launched soon).


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