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ContentKeeper is an industry leading Internet content filter that allows organisations to monitor, manage, control & secure staff access to Internet resources. Supplied either as an appliance device or software, ContentKeeper is suitable for Government, Corporate or Educational customers.

ContentKeeper uses US Patent Pending "Closed Loop Collaborative Filtering"™ technology which insures that ContentKeeper is superior in it’s ability to manage and control access in the rapidly changing Internet world.


Closed Loop Collaborative Filtering is ContentKeeper’s closed circuit system designed to collect, analyse, categorise, edit and distribute web site URLs worldwide.


ContentKeeper units in the field are designed to poll the ContentKeeper Datacentre hourly to receive control list updates of newly discovered and processed URLs. During this process, any new suspect URLs discovered locally are encoded, encrypted, compressed and sent back to the Datacentre for anonymous submission to our AI (Artificial Intelligence) analysis and categorisation engines. Sites that are then confirmed to fall into one of the control categories are added to the Control list updates and collected automatically by every ContentKeeper unit in the field.


This means (for example) that when a ContentKeeper user in New York browser to a new URL which contains pornography, ContentKeeper users in Sydney Australia will have the benefit of that update usually within 2 hours of the discovery being made.


Closed Loop Collaborative Filtering Technology is also utilised to help maintain and edit the existing control list. ContentKeeper administrators worldwide have the ability to instantly block, unblock and re-classify any site locally. Locally re-classified sites are sent back to the ContentKeeper Datacentre for manual review and Control list correction (if necessary).


Closed Loop Collaborative Filtering insures that ContentKeeper’s Control list is the most (business) relevant, highest quality and fastest growing list available.


Follow this link for more details and trial download www.contentkeeper.com.

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