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The MercuryXMS™ WAP Push / OTA SDK™ is a comprehensive toolkit for delivering WAP Push, WAP Bookmark, and OTA configuration messages. For a comprehensive MMS messaging solution, see our MercuryXMS™ MMS SDK™.

In order for a mobile phone user to be able to access services such as WAP, GPRS, MMS or Email on their provider's wireless network, their handset must first be configured with the required settings to enable access to the service. This information can be entered manually into the phone, but this is a complex process and the information being entered is very technical, making the entry of this data difficult and prone to error. Over The Air Provisioning (OTAP) provides a mechanism for mobile phones to be configured via special binary SMS messages sent to the handset.

The MercuryXMS™ WAP Push / OTA SDK™ allows developers to programmatically generate OTAP configuration messages for easy setup of mobile phones for WAP, MMS, GPRS, Email, CSD and SyncML. Drop the MercuryXMS™ WAP SDK™ component into your application and you can start generating these messages in minutes! The SDK™ provides a rich set of functions to encode the PDU (Protocol Description Unit) strings and UDH (User Data Headers) strings for all types of OTA SMS media messages to interact with channels such as GSM/CDMA Modems, direct SMSC connections, and cellphone-cable connections. This relieves the developer from dealing with issues like octet creation, ordering and the complexities of working with the PDU protocol. The SDK™ provides you with the PDU strings (and their associated properties), enabling developers to use any binary SMS delivery channel: GSM Modems, SMPP, cellphone connections through serial cables, BlueTooth and/or InfraRed, and/or HTTP SMS connections.

OTA Messages have traditionally been extremely complex to create, especially concatenated messages. MercuryXMS™ relieves the developer of all issues regarding the PDU protocol; it generates all PDU strings and their lengths so they can be easily transmitted via a GSM device, SMPP connection, HTTP connection or other SMS gateway connections. Developers can rest assured that they are using a component not only built on standards, but also tested with real world devices from major handset manufacturers. Supported message types:

· WAP/GPRS OTA Messages - Configure handsets to access WAP services over GPRS

· WAP/GSM OTA Messages - Configure handsets to access WAP services over GSM

· MMS OTA Messages - Configure handsets to send/receive MMS messages

· CSD OTA Messages - Configure Nokia IAP/CSD profiles

· WAP Bookmarks - Send WAP Bookmarks for phones to access Internet content over WAP

· Service Indication Messages - Send Content directly to a handset's service inbox (intrusive/non-intrusive)

· Service Loading Messages - Send Content directly to a handset's service inbox (intrusive/non-intrusive)

· SyncML Configuration Messages - Configure SyncML enabled handsets for syncing with remote SyncML databases


Included is sample code for Visual Basic, Visual C++, Visual Basic.NET and C#.NET. Integration with .NET is through the COM Interop layer. Note that the SDK™ does not actually handle the communications (serial, TCP/IP, etc) with the GSM device; it just manages the creation of the PDU strings. However, sample basic code is provided to communicate with the serial communications port. busineSMS.com Software recommends the Derdack Software message master™ GSM SDK™ or the Derdack Software SMSC Connectivity SDK™ to handle your connectivity requirements. Both these products are compatible with the MercuryXMS™ WAP SDK™.