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Accelerate the development of custom SMS, EMS, WAP Push and MMS messaging applications with the SMSC Connectivity SDK™. It prevents you from the time-consuming implementation of sophisticated low-level communication protocols (UCP, SMPP, Sema OIS, CIMD2). Your application will be mobile messaging enabled within a few days.

The SMSC Connectivity SDK™ is used by customers in more than 20 countries around the globe and with 30 different mobile operators. Released for the first time in 2001 the SDK™ combines over 2 years of real-life experiences.

New to Version 2.1

· Fully automated "keep alive" command submission

· Support for extended character tables (eg. Euro sign)

· Automated message length validation

· New, convenient license model

· Fully compatible with the busineSMS.com Software MercuryXMS™ range of SDK™s


· Fully compatible with the busineSMS.com Software MercuryXMS™ range of SDK™s

· COM developer toolkit for mobile messaging

· Enables sending and receiving of SMS/EMS via direct SMSC links (up to 40 messages/second)

· Encapsulates all major SMSC communication protocols: SMPP, UCP, Sema OIS and Nokia CIMD2

· Supports sending 7bit ASCII, 8bit binary, EMS, Unicode, Flash-SMS, Picture Messages, Logos, Ringing Tones, Group Graphics, Smart Messages

· SMSC connectivity for both TCP/IP and X.25

· Delivery Notifications, flash SMS

· UCP server/listener sockets

· SMPP transmitter and receiver links

· Customizable character tables

· Unicode support for Arabic, Chinese, Thai, etc.


Your benefits

· Drastic reduction of required deployment efforts through a simplified developer API

· Encapsulation of SMSC communication protocols saves up to a few months of development time

· COM API guarantees integration with a broad range of developer tools including Internet Information Server (ASP pages)

· Worldwide deployment possible, tested with all major SMSCs

· Easy-to-use and well-structured developer API

· Comprehensive documentation and samples

· .NET compliant



· Windows NT, 2000, 2003, XP, 64 MB RAM, 5 MB HDD space

· TCP/IP or X.25 connectivity

· COM-compliant developer environment, e.g. Visual Studio, Borland Delphi, MS IIS

· Possibly a connectivity agreement with the according network operator


Licensing and pricing information By version 2.1 you can license single SMSC protocols or can combine two or more. For your convenience we also offer an all-protocol bundle.
Standard SDK™:
One license of the SMSC Connectivity SDK™ includes a software developer license for a single PC (for developing and debugging your application) and one so-called deployment license. The deployment license is used for running your final application (including the SMSC Connectivity SDK™) on a productive server. Thus, the Standard SDK™ of the SMSC Connectivity SDK™ can only be once distributed together with your application. 
Professional SDK™:
  If you are interested in royalty-free distribution licenses, please, contact our sales team. The Professional SDK™ grants you the right to distribute the SMSC Connectivity SDK™ together with your custom applications more than once.