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The MercuryXMS™ MM1/GPRS Modem SDK™ is a lightweight component to give you the flexibility of delivering MMS messages from any Windows based terminal. Simply attach a GPRS Modem or connect your GPRS Modem-enabled mobile phone to your PC and your applications can start delivering MMS messages quickly and easily.

Implemented as a lightweight COM component and .NET ready, the MercuryXMS™ MM1/GPRS Modem SDK™ will allow you to mobile enable your applications quickly and easily. Build your own outlook plug-in to deliver MMS messages. Send pictures from your CRM applications or website.

Configuring the MercuryXMS™ MM1/GPRS Modem SDK™ is as simple as configuring your mobile phone. Simply specify the GPRS Access Point Name (APN), MMSC and WAP Gateway and the component is ready to start delivering messages.

You can use a GPRS Modem connected via USB or serial port. You can even use a PCMCIA WiFi/GPRS combo card such as the Nokia D211. Alternatively you can use a mobile phone connected via infra-red, cable or BlueTooth. Many of the latest handsets on the market today can act as a GPRS modem to give your PC internet connectivity. This same GPRS modem capability acts as the conduit for the MercuryXMS™ MM1/GPRS Modem SDK™ to deliver MMS messages.

The MercuryXMS™ MM1/GPRS Modem SDK™ implements a complete WSP and WTP stack to a mobile phone style interface to the network. The MercuryXMS™ MM1/GPRS Modem SDK™ bypasses problems that some customers have with MMS Notifications due to firewall issues of their local operators, but with the MercuryXMS™ MM1/GPRS Modem SDK™ your applications can send messages as easily as a mobile phone.

Connection management is automatically handled by the MercuryXMS™ MM1/GPRS Modem SDK™ - existing connections can be hooked into as well as new connections created. Multiple connections can also be created for enhanced throughput.

The MercuryXMS™ MM1/GPRS Modem SDK™ is an add-on for the MercuryXMS™ MMS SDK™ to provide additional message delivery capabilities. The current version of the SDK™ only supports sending messages. A version that supports receiving messages is in development and will be available shortly.