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WatchDog System, Application and Network Monitor

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"Like a good watchdog, it'll tell you when there's trouble..."ô

Monitor all types of software applications, computer systems (including IP based systems, IP services, XP/2000/NT/9x systems, file servers, application servers, electronic mail servers, databases), and network devices (modem/remote access systems, routers and other hardware devices) for intermittent and consistent failures.

If a failure is found, it can send a page, send an e-mail message, send a MSN instant message, populate and submit web forms, execute a program, restart/reboot a PC, control (start, stop, or restart) a local or remote NT service, post a web page, send a SNMP trap, and more..

WatchDog is the affordable alternative to outrageously expensive and complicated network management systems. With WatchDog, your total cost of ownership can be thousands of dollars LESS than other company's products !

WatchDog is extremely easy to use and set-up! You donít need specialized computer skills or expensive IT personnel, and you wonít waste valuable time and money spent on weeks of implementing your monitoring solution!

WatchDog is perfect for businesses of all sizes: global and large companies can use WatchDog to monitor the availability of mission-critical applications or to complement their existing monitoring system(s); small-to-medium sized businesses can use it as their all-in-one network management system.

WatchDog has powerful and flexible monitoring and alerting capabilities:

 Monitor a system as often as you want. From once a minute to once every few days.

 Monitor a system only when you want to. Control the time(s) during the day and the day(s) of the week (Monday-Sunday) that the system will be monitored.

 Detect monitoring failures on an overall basis. Perfect for the user that simply wants to know that the system failed in a general manner.

 Detect monitoring failures on a specific basis. Define complex status triggering criteria based on the type of expected failure. Perfect for the power user that needs to know precisely how a system failed.

 Detect slow networks - the monitoring may succeed but take too long therefore the test is forced to report as failed. You decide in numbers of seconds that the test should succeed in.

 A failing system will trigger a change of state only after a pre-defined number of consecutive monitoring failures have occurred. For systems that rarely fail, you can configure WatchDog to cause a status change after a single failure. For systems prone to a "normal" amount of intermittent failures, configure WatchDog to trigger after several consecutive failures.

 Each type of status transition, "Normal", "Warning", and "Died" can have individual status triggering criteria. You always decide what triggers a status change and resulting alerting actions.

 To avoid multiple alerting actions when your system or service being monitored -dies, you may configure item dependencies so that only one alert occurs.

 Once a system has "Died" it will no longer be monitored. If you choose, you can re-start monitoring this "Died" system after a specific time has elapsed.

 Generate "I am alive" alerting actions as often as you want to be reminded that WatchDog is alive and monitoring your systems. For example, you can have WatchDog page you every hour reminding you that it is functioning correctly.

 If your alert recipient goes on vacation, is temporarily reassigned, etc., the "Vacation / Leave of absence Override" feature allows you to quickly and temporarily redirect alerting actions (e.g. emails, pages) to another recipient - no need to change each item that alerts this recipient.

When a system being monitored changes state, WatchDog can perform any combination of the following alerting actions:

 Send up to 12 pages of any combination of:


 SNPP protocol: through the internet without using a modem.

 TAP protocol: using a modem connected to the PC executing WatchDog.

 Numeric: using a modem connected to the PC executing WatchDog.

 Send up to 12 e-mail messages (MAPI and/or SMTP) with or without attachments.

 Restart/Reboot or shut down any 2003/XP/2000/NT PC.

 Control (start, stop, or restart) a local or remote NT service.

 End/terminate any local programs/processes.

 Execute any program, batch file,  LNK file, or function within a DLL that you provide.

 Write a message to a log file in one of several industry standard file formats. Each system being monitored can write to its own private log file or several systems being monitored can write to the same file. Perfect for creating custom log files that other computer systems can further analyze.

 Send a SNMP "trap" to any SNMP Manager program (such as HP OpenView's Network Node Manager).

 Copy a user-created HTML web file to a web server (either by a standard file copy or a FTP upload) and optionally, expand WatchDog $keywords$ so that the web file can describe which system caused the action to occur and present a status report of all systems that WatchDog is monitoring. Perfect for checking the status of your system from anywhere in the world.

 Populate up to 12 HTML web forms with user data and submit the form(s) to web site(s). Perfect for sending a SMS text message to a cellular phone from your provider's web site.

 Send up to 12 messages to local or remote Windows PC's Desktops using Windows' Messenger Service.

 Send up to 12 instant messages to contacts on your Microsoft MSN Messenger contact list. Send to their desktop or mobile (cellular) device.

 Display a message on your computer screen.

 Play a sound (any WAVE file).


WatchDog includes an interface to its monitoring and statistical data:

 Using WatchDog's data access DLL (WDdata.dll), you can easily customize your in-house developed programs to access WatchDog's data. Download testdll.zip for more information.

 We provide full documentation and a samle program to aid you in using our DLL.


WatchDog allows you to analyze its monitoring data with your favorite statistical analysis program:

 Using WatchDog's powerful Logging action, WatchDog can record an entry in your log file every time your item begins to fail (or succeeds). You may import this file into your statistical analysis program.


WatchDog's powerful macro command language allows you to programmatically control WatchDog:

 Easily create macro command files that allow you to programmatically create, delete, edit, start and stop monitoring items, and more!


Control WatchDog from a web browser:

 Using WatchDog's command line options and macro language along with server-side scripts that you create, it is easy to enable users to control WatchDog from a web browser.


Monitor WatchDog from any SNMP Manager program:

 Using WatchDog's included SNMP component, you may monitor both WatchDog's data for each item be monitored, and overall system data from any SNMP Manager program (such as HP's OpenView Network Node Manager).

 We include a SNMP MIB file for easy integration into your SNMP Manager.


Execute WatchDog as a NT service for unattended secure operation:

 WatchDog can easily be executed as a standard Windows 2003/XP/2000/NT service for either unattended secure operation or as an invisible background operation.  Please download our evaluation version of WatchDog and view our RunAsSvc.txt file for more information.


WatchDog is a bullet-proof program:

 Full 32-bit, multi-threaded program ensures responsive and reliable operation.

 Unlimited in the number of systems and services that it can monitor. You purchase a license to allow WatchDog to monitor only as many systems and services as necessary.

 Certified for use under Windows 2003 Server, XP, 2000, NT 4.0, Me, 98, and 95 operating systems.

 Requires a video monitor with a screen area of at least 800 x 600 pixels.

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