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The MercuryXMS™ Mobile Video & Audio SDK™ is a comprehensive mobile content encoding toolkit for companies who want to move their video and audio content into a form that can be delivered directly to a mobile phone. With an easy to use object model and a tight, compact package, the SDK™ allows existing video and audio files to be converted into formats that are ready to be delivered straight to the phone. Together with the MMS SDK™, the Mobile Video & Audio SDK™ is all you need to send video and audio to mobile phones!


With the video encoding and editing capabilities of the Mobile Video & Audio SDK™, you can send video files directly to your video-enabled mobile handsets.

The Mobile Video & Audio SDK™ supports any DirectX® compatible (8.0 or higher) video stream such as AVI, MPG and WMV. Video can be encoded directly to 3GPP format using H.263 or MPEG-4 encoding. With an easy to use set of components, you can transform several megabytes of video streams into short video clips with a size that can be delivered to a phone with amazing quality. For example, using the editing capabilities of the video component, you can extract and encode a short sequence from, say a high resolution 75Mb WMV video file, to around a 100k 3GP video file even with your own logo watermarked on the bottom of the video.

You can customize the entire footprint of the video clip to deliver through either MMS or WAP Push. Customize the width and height of the target video stream, as well as properties such as bitrate, frame rate and key frame period. You can splice out a defined section of the source video to only deliver a short clip edited from the original. Overlay your logo with transparent watermarking over the video stream, and enhance the video stream with text overlay complete with customizable font and font size, along with text formatting such as bold, italic and underline.

A sophisticated frame grabber allows you to deliver your video content to non-video phones with the ability to extract multiple images at user-defined time points which can either be embedded in a simple MMS message, converted to an animated GIF, or incorporated into a SMIL slideshow. For example, you can extract frames from a 30 second clip at 3 second intervals to show the highlights. If you are targeting a SMIL-enabled handset (such as an Ericsson T610 or Nokia 6600), you can even specify slide timing with a background soundtrack to provide a true multimedia slide show experience, all based on the original video file. Frames are extracted to JPG format (which can be translated to any format using the image processing engine) with a user-defined level of quality.


Send any DirectX® compatible (8.0 or higher) sound file to a mobile handset with the audio encoding capabilities of the MMS SDK™. Using either the AMR or compressed WAV sound formats, you can deliver almost any audio file to your phone. Specify a start time and duration to extract a short clip from any audio stream.

You can send MP3 files to your target phones by converting them directly to AMR format. Our customers are achieving amazing compression rates; for example, a 3 minute MP3 file can be converted to an MMS message of around 150k.

Converting to AMR requires an AMR license - please contact us for further details.