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Mobile enable your security applications with the MercuryXMS™ MMS Motion Detection SDK™; a complete package for detecting motion in a set of static images and delivering those changed frames to a mobile phone. This allows you to build applications that notify users on their mobile phone of any movement detected by their IP or web camera.

The SDK™ includes a simple to use component for analyzing a set of images to determine which frames have changed. These changes are determined to be 'motion' within the set, and the component returns the indexes of images which have changed. You can use this component together with the other MMS SDK™s to deliver the changed frames in one of three ways:

· Converted to an animated GIF

· Set of static images attached to an MMS message

· A SMIL message where the changed frames are cycled as a slide show presentation


Note that the original video can be delivered to the target handset. See this example (please note that you need a 3GPP video viewer such as Quicktime to view this video clip)

IP and Web Cameras can be configured to capture video as a set of static images to disk. The MMS Motion Detection SDK™ can analyze these images for motion which you can use to deliver the frames to a mobile phone.

In addition, the MMS Motion Detection SDK™ comes with a frame grabber to extract static frames from almost any Windows® video file such as MPEG, AVI or Windows® Media Video files. These frames can then be analyzed and the frames that contain 'motion' can be delivered directly to a mobile phone.